About Glamourgirl220

Hi guys! I'm Melissa aka Glamourgirl220
I'm a simple beauty loving girl from the south.
I also enjoy photography, movies and pursuing my dreams.
I am a mama to three kitties and a yellow lab puppy and that's all I can handle right now.
This is me posing with my piggy towel animal on the Carnival Dream :)
Chimmy (Gray) & Smokey (Black) cuddling together. They may not be biological brothers but they love each other just the same! :)
The newest edition to our little family, Blaze. He is a little ball of fire but he gets along great with the other two.

Well, 2014 has been great thus far! I have a new friend and a new puppy!! My puppy is a beautiful male yellow lab. We named him Cane (which is Italian for dog). He is so playful and fun! I just love him to death!!

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