Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Trends 2014: Neons

     It's no secret that neon colors are one of the hottest trends of the Summer. Everything from makeup, nail polish and even clothes are adorned with these hot highlighter hues. They are definitely a step in a different direction than the softer tones of mint and coral which have been so popular in the past year. There are so many awesome products that have come out in recent months, it's kind of hard to know where to start to start so you too can sport these beautifully bright colors.


Urban Decay Electric Palette

     I think one of the hottest items of the season for the makeup junkies out there is definitely the Urban Decay Electric Palette. This pressed pigments palette sports 10 vibrant colors that any girl would adore along with the blendability and stay power that any UD lover knows all too well. And since this is a pressed pigment palette, the uses are limitless. They can be used as eyeshadow, mix it with a little mixing medium and turn it into an amazingly different lip color or even use it as hair chalk. This palette is a must! However, as stated on the packaging, Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban contain a colorant that is not FDA approved for the eye area in the US, Canada and Brazil. This does not mean it will cause you issues, but it may be an irritant, especially if you already have sensitive eyes. 

Nyx Macaron Lippies

     Another hot item this summer is Nyx's Macaron Lippies! They have been sold out practically since they have been released and for good reason! There are 12 hot colors to choose from ranging from pink, purple, blue, yellow, and even black! My personal faves are rose (pink), pistachio (mint green), and black sesame (light gray). There is something for everyone and its easy to rock these bold colors.


     My favorite nail polish collection for Summer 2014 has been the OPI Neons Collection. It has 6 out of this world shades and even includes a white to make these neons really shine. OPI is a great formula to begin with so of course the quality of these is no less than stellar. 


     When it comes to clothes, I love mixing bright neons with darker hues to balance them out. I have seen many dresses that will have a neon skirt paired with a navy or black bodice. It gives you a bright fun look without being totally in your face!

     Those are just a few of my faves for rocking the neon trend this summer. What are some of YOUR favorite trends?

"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"

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