Saturday, February 22, 2014

An evening with Glamourgirl220.....

     Hey guys! Tonight I just really wanted to post a talk about what kind of things are to come during this wonderful 2014 year for both my blog and my youtube channel. I have lots of things planned but all of that gets mixed into my everyday life of work, social life, family time and household responsibilities. I do keep a pretty full plate, but I also enjoy my me time which is typically where this blog and my channel fall into. I truly appreciate every single one of you that keeps up with my channel and blog but ultimately I do it because it makes ME happy! I enjoy reviewing and talking about makeup and beauty products so that others can learn about new products and hear others opinions on them.
     I do have tons of things planned for the blog for this year including outfits of the week, makeup reviews, hits and misses, among other wonderful things throughout the year (if you aren't already a subscriber....DO IT). As for my youtube channel, I will continue doing hauls, tutorials, and a new makeup collection video!! Again, if you aren't subscribed to my channel or blog....DO IT NOW!! You don't want to miss the things to come this year! :)
     Thank you guys for letting me talk, if there is anything specific you would like me to do either here or on my channel, please leave me a comment below!! I would be more than happy to do them!


"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"

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