Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Late Nights with Glamourgirl220

Hey guys! It has definitely been a while. The past month has been such a pain. My computer crashed and I lost everything. It kind of broke my heart. Luckily social media backs up my most cherished memories in its infinite walls. I just have to save them all to my computer (followed by backing up to my external hard drive).

On other notes, I still have lots of things planned for this blog as well as my channel.

Outfit of the Days
Color Whisper Review (still trying them out)
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick Review
Halloween Treats
Bridal Shower Fun (pics/tips from a bridal shower I recently helped host)

Makeup Tutorial
Rainbow Tag
Makeup Collection Video
Organization Video
Halloween Costumes/Makeup Ideas
School/Life planner Organization

So as you can see, I have a ton planned for both my channel and this blog. It just all comes down to finding the time between work, church and time with my hubby. :) I promise I will get it done somehow though. :)


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