Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Craft Time with Glamourgirl220: Project Life

     Anyone that knows me knows that I love crafts and little DIY projects! Recently I have gotten back into scrapbooking. We all know that scrapbooking can be time consuming. However, I have found a new little project that can make it so much easier! I have been working on something called project life. It is pages of mini layouts instead of one big layout with only a picture or two. It is also a great way to associate those little mementos that we typically seem to collect in our everyday lives. Right now I am using baseball card sleeves to house my mini layouts. It is working out pretty well and they make these little pocketed protectors in many different sizes. 
     Project life focuses on more than just those special occasions too. It focuses on our everyday lives. It is easy to take pictures of those special moments in life. So lets start focusing on all of those moments in between. Life in general is something to celebrate and cherish. Here is just an example of what project life is all about! It is so simple yet looks just as awesome as a traditional more elaborate scrapbook page. 

For more info check out Becky Higgins site!!

"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"

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