Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's up?!

Hello all!
     I have been so busy these last few weeks. I got back from a week long cruise and let me just tell you how much fun it was! My brother got married in Nassau, Bahamas and it was absolutely gorgeous! :) (I will post pics soon!) We spent a week on the Carnival Dream (and did NOT break down thank you very much :) ) We ported in St Thomas, USVI, Nassau, Bahamas and St Maarten, Netherlands. Sadly it rained when we went to St Maarten, so we really didn't get to see as much of the island as we wanted to. We only got a small glimpse of the Dutch side of the island. I really wanted to check out the French side though. I guess that is just an excuse to go on another trip though. :)

     I have also been very busy organizing my home (finally) and I really hope to complete it to a likeable state. I have been so busy purging unnecessary items and sending them either to my sister or goodwill. I posted a three part video series on my youtube channel where I cleaned out my makeup and accessory drawers. I have pared all that down to only 2 towers instead of that and the other two individual drawers I had. I am very happy with it. I am also working on using up my samples (especially the perfume samples). Tonight I worked on reorganizing my bathroom cabinet. I bought some stacking bins from the dollar store to make the most of the vertical space. So far, I am loving it! They really are useful. I was able to fit them 3 high and I only put 2 stacks of them. Although I could probably fit at least one more stack in there. Unfortunately I didn't film it so I won't be posting a video of that.

I have many more organizational projects I am working on as well as makeup/beauty videos. So stay tuned!

                                 "A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"