Friday, December 27, 2013

Review: Coastal Scents 88 Original Eye Palette and 66 Lip Palette

     Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you about my first look and experience with coastal scents products!! I finally took the plunge on Black Friday, when they had their 50% off site wide sale and purchased two of their palettes. I got the 88 Original palette and the 66 Lip Palette. That way I could have a little variety in the products that they had to offer.
     To start off, I am going to talk about the 88 Original Eye Palette. I have to say I was a little shocked on the size of the palette but once I opened it up I was in awe of the amount of colors in there. The pots are each about the size of a dime, actually a tad bit bigger and they ARE pretty pigmented! Which means that they will last a long time because you don't need so much product. Plus, you have EIGHTY-EIGHT colors to choose from!!!! I would still use a primer with these though, especially the lighter shades to make them stand out with a truer color. To date, I have used about half the colors in the palette. They really are all useable colors, despite what others might tell you. You just have to have the proper know how of how to use and apply the colors.

See all the pretty colors!!! :)
      The colors apply really nice and smooth. They are very easy to blend and look awesome on! I definitely LOVE this palette and plan on purchasing many more of the 88 palettes! I think I will eventually have all of them. :)

     The other palette I purchased was the 66 lip palette. I have to say I am absolutely in LOVE with it! Now, these are more of lipsticks instead of lip glosses. So I definitely think you should be aware of that because I was expecting a lip gloss palette. The exception would be the clear and then the really light pinkish/clear color on the top row, 4th one in. Those are definitely more of a soft glossy consistency and look awesome over the other lip colors. You do need to be careful when putting those 2 colors onto a lip brush though, because it is very easy to dig into them and get too much. I have used about a third of the colors so far with everyday wear and just playing around with the palette. They are all really beautiful. The blues would even look awesome as part of a wintery themed outfit or costume (such as the "white witch" from the Narnia movies). The consistency for some of these is a little dry. I have been having to use a clear gloss to keep them from looking feathery and old. Overall I am very happy with the palette. It is definitely something I look forward to traveling with. Nothing is worse then having to travel with a bunch of lipsticks and having them get hot and melt all over the tube! This way I don't have to worry about the mess and I have a TON of options. :)
      Finally, I wanted to show the little extras they throw into the box. I got one of their business cards, an I Heart Makeup sticker, and an eye shadow sampler quad! I gave the quad to my sister because she loved the colors and it was great for her to use for school (she's in 9th grade). It would also be really nice to travel with overnight. It takes up next to no room (but you get an awesome amount of product for a sampler).

      Thank you guys for checking out my mini review. If you have never tried Coastal Scents and are on the fence about it, hopefully this has convinced you to take the plunge! :)

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holly Jolly Holiday Tag 2013

As most of you are aware, I posted my video for the Holly Jolly Holiday Tag around 2 years ago. I thought I would post an updated blog version this year. If you didn't watch my video in 2011, here it is:

And HERE is my updated 2013 Tag!

Holly Jolly Holiday Tag Questions:
-Favorite Christmas movie?
My favorite Christmas movies are Polar Express (no brainer) and The Christmas Shoes. I love the magical wonder of The Polar Express as well as the music (Josh Groban baby!!). Then the Christmas Shoes goes into the selflessness of the season and how one little boy who is on the brink of losing his mother tries to spend every last penny he has to make her final Christmas on Earth wonderful. He doesn't have the money and the workaholic behind him in line is touched by his story and pays for them.  

-Are you on the Naughty list or the Nice list?
NICE! Of course! We all have our moments where we could be on the Naughty List, but I think primarily I am pretty good.

-Show us an embarrassing Christmas Card photo!
Unfortunately I don't have any. My hard drive crashed earlier this year and I lost all of my photos. :(

-Have you ever had a White Christmas?
YES, I was born in Oklahoma so up until I was 7 I saw a white Christmas every year. The last time I saw one was in 2005 when I went on a ski trip with my church youth group. :) It's definitely something I want to do again.

-Where do you usually spend your holiday?
Home in Georgia. Most of my family lives here, so this is where I stay. The exception would be my brother and sister in law who live in California. However, I haven't gotten the chance to visit them yet. Who knows, maybe next year!

-Play or sing your favorite Christmas song!
I did this in my video (I think) so go check it out!!

-Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
When I was a kid we used to open one gift on Christmas Eve that consisted of like a Christmas movie, new PJs and stuff like that. Now we wait, unless my husband has to work on Christmas (he's a security guard) then we go ahead and do it on Christmas Eve or wait until after he gets home. It just really depends on the times that he works! :)

-Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and of course Rudolph!!

-What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year?
I just love being able to see my Nieces and Nephew. They live 2 hours away and sometimes life gets so busy that we don't get to see them that often but this is one time of the year that it is pretty much guaranteed :)

-Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Fake. It's only 4 feet tall with multi color lights on it! I'm okay with that! Once I have kids, I want to start getting a real  one though and I want it to be big!!! :)

-Hands down, what's your all-time favorite holiday food and holiday sweet treat?
Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Bark!!

-Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
Both! There is no better feeling than a smile on someone's face after giving them a gift (especially my nieces and nephew) but its also nice to know someone thought about you when you receive one! :)

-Show us your tackiest Christmas attire!
I'm really not a tacky sweater type of person. It's WAY to hot in South Georgia (it was 90 degrees earlier this week YUCK). Plus, I cleaned out my closet a LOT before I moved into my apartment and got rid of a lot of unnecessary items/old clothes.

-What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
Colorado. Even though I lived in Oklahoma for 7 years, I have never actually been to Colorado and its something I've always wanted to do.

-Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make?
We've started making white chocolate bon bons this year that are amazing!  

-Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?
I'm a pro. I've gotten better and more creative over the years and can wrap some AWESOME looking gifts.

-Most memorable Holiday moment?
Last year my wonderful nephew was born! :) He will be 1 on Dec 14 :P

-What made you realize the truth about Santa?
I walked in on my parents wrapping presents :P

-Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?
Yes, this is probably the first year I have been really good about sticking to my goals. I may have not perfectly met weight goals or financial goals but I have definitely worked on them and feel a lot better about myself for it because I have made great strides in them. I plan to carry over my goals and fully achieve them by years end. 

-What makes the Holidays special for you?
Time with friends/family you may not have seen in a while.

Thank you guys so much for checking out my 2013 Holly Jolly Holiday Tag. I tag all of YOU reading this (leave me a link to yours in the comments!). Stay tuned for more wonderful Holiday themed posts. Happy Holidays!


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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick

     Good morning everyone! Today, I have the pleasure of talking about the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick. It was released in July and I purchased it a little over a month ago. It is advertised to provide medium coverage and have an anti-shine core. There are 12 available shades. I chose Natural Beige #220 to try out. It looks really dark in the package but it blends out perfectly!

     I have to say that the packaging is very convenient. It is a roll up stick and has 9 grams of product in it. It is very convenient to travel with and throw in your purse or gym bag and take around with you should you need touchups. I definitely love the ease of using this product over liquid foundations as well. Don't get me wrong, I love my Maybelline BB Cream and Revlon Foundations I am using at the moment, but this has been a major go-to this month!

     All I need to apply this product is a swipe on each cheek, down the nose, and across the forehead and chin. Then, I can blend it in with my hands or a flat top brush. It goes on beautifully, it isn't super oily or drying. It perfectly mattes my combination skin and keeps it matte throughout the day.

     This is one of my holy grail products and it is something I will keep in my beauty arsenal for years to come. This product gets 5 stars for ease of use and mattifying power.
     Thank you guys for checking out my review of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick. Keep checking back (or SUBSCRIBE) for some fun and festive Christmas related looks and DIY treats and d├ęcor as we enter into the Christmas season. Happy holidays!!
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

     Good evening everyone! Tonight, I have chosen to talk about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes. Why should you clean your makeup brushes you ask? Your makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, facial oils and old makeup residue. If you are someone with acne prone skin, this is especially important because those bacteria and oils get spread around BACK onto your face with each use. This is why we clean our makeup brushes, to sterilize them. It is also good to help prolong the life of them. I predominantly use Elf brand makeup brushes from the studio line. While these are cheaper than Mac or Sigma brushes, I still want them in tip top shape for the smoothest makeup application. I have had my current set for 3-4 years now and they still look brand new. This is because I DO take care of them all equally, from my cheaper Elf brushes all the way to my few Mac brushes that I have acquired. I'm going to share several different methods with you and how well they worked in my experience.

     This first method is the one I, myself, use on my brushes most of the time to deep clean. The ingredients are nothing more than baby shampoo and water. I like using the Johnson's Baby Shampoo. The reason you would want to use baby shampoo is because it is gentle and won't harm your eyes or skin (in most cases). You can do this one of two ways.
  • The first way is to add a pea sized drop of baby shampoo into a small cup of water and swirl the brush around in it. Be careful NOT to submerge the metal barrel into the water, ONLY the bristles. If you submerge the barrel, the glue can weaken and cause your brushes to shed. As you swirl the brush, you should see the water turn colors. If the water gets too dirty, you can change the water and continue swirling or run it under low running water for a few minutes (which you would need to do to get the shampoo out of the bristles anyway).  
  • The second way consists of putting a small amount of water and shampoo in the palm of your hand and swirling your brush around in it. I do this when I know I have just recently deep cleaned my brushes, but I want to get a darker color blush or shadow out. Just make sure you rinse it under low running water when you are done to get the excess shampoo out.
I alternate depending on how dirty they are, sometimes I will start with the cup of water and then as they get cleaner, I move along to the palm of my hand. No matter which way I use, always make sure to pat dry and lay them flat to finish drying after rinsing them out.

     Another good method is to use dish soap and a sponge. Put a small amount of dish soap and water onto a new sponge and swirl your brushes around in it. You should see the colors begin to fall off your brush. When no more color is coming off of your brush, proceed to rinse it under low running water to remove any leftover makeup and soap residue. Lastly, pat your brushes to rid them of any excess water and lay them flat to dry.

     Another altenative to these at home methods is using a brush cleaner available from many cosmetics lines. My favorites are the Mac brush cleaner and the Elf brush shampoo. 

     Hope you guys found this article helpful. Stay tuned for more posts about your fave eauty products and tips. 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3???!!!

     Good evening everyone! I have some exciting news!! For those of you that haven't already heard, Urban Decay will soon be releasing their Naked 3 palette!! This 12 eyeshadow palette is similar to the others in the naked series by the neutral hues that it holds. The selection contains more pinky/rose hues (which are awesome for a green eyed girl like myself) and is housed in a beautiful rose gold case. It contains the Good Karma double ended brush and it also contains a sampler of 4 of Urban Decay's beloved primer potion! Some of beauty's biggest gurus have already received this palette to review before the official release and I will be doing my own review once I purchase it after the release.

The greatest thing about this palette is that its12 neutral hues are ALL BRAND NEW! These shades include:

The United States release has yet to be announced but I will let you guys know as soon as I do!

"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"

UPDATE: naked 3 is available NOW!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Whispers

     Good evening everyone!! Today I finally got to do my product review for the Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks. I apologize for it taking so long, but there are times when life gets crazy and job searching becomes a priority in life and that is exactly what this girl had to do!! Now I am back in the workplace and officially start my new job tomorrow. I couldn't be more excited. Okay, now back to the review after my quick little life update! :) 
     I purchased five of these lipsticks in a variety of colors. One of the things I love about this line is the variety of shades available. There are 20 shades available ranging from nudes to reds with all of your favorite shades of corals, pinks and berries in between. As time progresses, I hope they include even more shades to this line. 

     The texture of these lipsticks is unlike any that I have ever tried. Most lipsticks have a heavy feeling to them because they are made of wax, but these are different because they are so light weight and made of gel. They feel light and buttery on your lips and are not sticky at all. They leave a beautiful glossy finish as well, so you have no need for additional lip gloss. The pigmentation for these is surprising. With a name like Color Whispers you would think that it would be lightly pigmented with a buildable color. However, I have found these to be highly pigmented from the first swipe. In general, I love these lipsticks and plan on getting more until I have all of the colors (except the lightest ones).

     The picture above shows swatches of all of the colors I own. My personal favorite is 'rose of attraction'. I have been wearing that one almost constantly. It is a beautiful pinky/red color and looks amazing for a natural wash of color for your lips. As you can see, the color 'bare to be bold' is hardly noticeable against my skin and actually almost appears white on my lips. I am not sure who this color would work for but I know it does not work for me. That is why I stated except the lightest shades when I said I wanted all of the colors. 'Bare to be bold' is the second or third lightest shade available in the color whispers. 'Pin up peach' is also a really beautiful shade that I love wearing. It is a very true peach color.  'Pink possibilities' is a bright bubblegum pink color and is great for spring and summer. My latest purchase was the 'berry ready' as we transition into fall and I love berry colors in general. This one was a lot darker than I thought it would be, but I do still love it. For winter, I plan on purchasing
more berry and red colors. 

     Okay guys, that is it for my review on another great Maybelline product!! I hope this helped anyone who may have been on the fence about it. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Late Nights with Glamourgirl220

Hey guys! It has definitely been a while. The past month has been such a pain. My computer crashed and I lost everything. It kind of broke my heart. Luckily social media backs up my most cherished memories in its infinite walls. I just have to save them all to my computer (followed by backing up to my external hard drive).

On other notes, I still have lots of things planned for this blog as well as my channel.

Outfit of the Days
Color Whisper Review (still trying them out)
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick Review
Halloween Treats
Bridal Shower Fun (pics/tips from a bridal shower I recently helped host)

Makeup Tutorial
Rainbow Tag
Makeup Collection Video
Organization Video
Halloween Costumes/Makeup Ideas
School/Life planner Organization

So as you can see, I have a ton planned for both my channel and this blog. It just all comes down to finding the time between work, church and time with my hubby. :) I promise I will get it done somehow though. :)


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Sunday July 28, 2013

    Good afternoon everyone! Today I have an adorable outfit of the day for you. I think this is actually the first one I have done. I kind of like the blog format of an outfit of the day rather than the video format. I find the videos to be a little more boring. What do you guys think?

    Anyway, today I have a really pretty short black/red Chevron strapless dress. I have paired it with a pretty black bubble necklace and matching earrings. Add a simple black clutch purse and some black sandals and it's the perfect outfit for going out with the girls or college football game day. You can also dress it up with some black heels for a date night with your special fella.

     The dress is from a local boutique called Envy. They just opened a second store in Panama City, Florida. The plus side is that even though I am sure most of you do not have Envy Boutique near you, they DO SHIP!! Just check out their facebook page!!

     For those of you that enjoy maxi dresses, I have a surprise for you too! This dress also comes in a maxi length. I couldn't find any pictures of the maxi on their site, but I did see it at the store the other day and loved it just as much (however, since I am so short, Maxi dresses typically don't work for me). Finally, there are also some different color combinations available too. Check out Envy Boutique's page for more details on the available colors and to check out all of their other cute selections!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I'll talk to you later!!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

RIP Austin!

     Okay, I know this is definitely out of the ordinary to find on my blog, but I really just need to get this off my chest.

     On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, my friend, Austin, went missing while hiking in Yellowstone National Park. This morning (Thursday, July 18) after 2 days of searching, one of the helicopters assisting in the search located his backpack. They found Austin's body nearby.

     Austin had just moved from our small Georgia town to Montana a month ago. Austin was one of those people that you couldn't help but love. He was smart, funny, and had a lot going for him. I can't even express how I feel about this tragedy. He was only 23 years old. He had so much he wanted to accomplish in his life and now it is just over in the blink of an eye. He will be truly missed.

RIP Austin Parker <3
     To all of the nature lovers out there, if you ever go hiking, canoeing, or anywhere else like that, don't go alone. Go with a friend, be safe, and always make sure that someone who is NOT going with you knows where you will be as well. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments

     Happy July 4th everyone! I thought as a special treat for this July 4th I would finally do my much awaited review on the new product from the Maybelline Color Tattoo line, Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments!! I have been wanting these since I first saw them in my local Wal-Mart two weeks ago and I finally snatched one up today (Courtesy of my daddy :) ) I must say that I couldn't wait to try it out and I am not disappointed. I love pigments and these really are no exception. I only got one for the purposes of this review since it is a brand new product released officially only a few days ago.

     To start off, the packaging is similar to the cream shadow color tattoos in shape. However, it is plastic (and won't hurt your foot if you just so happen to drop it like I did with one of my bulky color tattoo creams.) and it doesn't have so much wasted space within the packaging. I was able to purchase one at Wal-mart for only $5.99 plus tax (prices vary from store to store and state to state). This is for a 1.5 gram jar. The only thing I was conflicted on in regards to the packaging is the sifter on the top. When you open the lid it reveals a sifter like you would find on any loose face powder. On one side, if you dropped it while it was open, you would not spill it everywhere. On the other hand, you can't reach the powder directly like with a Mac pigment. I am sure you could take the sifter out but I usually make a mess when I try to do that.
     The product itself is great. I purchased the color "Buff & Tuff" and I swatched a little on my hand and at first couldn't see it except for the beautiful glitter it contained. These colors are very true to what the powder in the pot looks like. I ended up getting a color that almost exactly matches my skin tone which is why the color doesn't pop on my skin. That was simply a mistake on my part, but I wanted something I knew I would use since I tend to fall more towards neutral colors. When I arrived home, I took my Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Milk and drew a nice little patch of white to help show the true pigmentation of this product. (pictured below) As you can see it does have a nice pigmentation to it.

This picture does not do the color justice. :/

     Overall this is a great product and well worth the money. Now that I know I like the product, I will be going to purchase more!! :) I hope everyone found this review helpful, if you have any questions about these product or any other product you would like me to review, feel free to post in the comments below! :) Thanks!

"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"

Update 7/27/13: After using this for a few weeks, I have found that the glitter does fall all over your face a good bit. It's fine for me because it created a nice nighttime look, but just be cautious of that!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoos

     As many of you know, the Maybelline Color Tattoos have been out for a while now. However, because of the upcoming release of the Color Tattoo Pure Pigments, I thought it would be fun to be able to compare and contrast them. This post will be focused solely on the original Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadows. I personally own six of them now and LOVE them. They are my favorite cream shadows by far. They claim that they last 24 hours without creasing and smudging and while I have not personally kept my makeup on that long because I do not want to break out, I would honestly believe it.

     These are the six shades that I own. I wear them all the time. The best part is they look amazing alone or with other shadows on top! Most of the cream shadows I have owned, I always have to put a powder shadow on top and these I don't, which I love! Here are some swatches to show you just how awesome these colors are.

     Aren't they beautiful? The Shady Shores and Blue Paradise were/are limited edition shades so they may or may not be available where you are.

     The staying power of the Color Tattoos is simply amazing. I wear Bad to the Bronze as an everyday color and even after a long day of running around, it still looks amazing and flawless! I have even fallen asleep with my makeup on (Yes, I know that's horrible, please don't shun me!) and when I woke up it still looked awesome! Now THAT is the ultimate test of staying power. I really can not be happier with the color tattoos and if you haven't tried them yet, YOU SHOULD. This makes me even more excited to try out the Pure Pigments! :)

     I hope you found this review helpful (Yes, all opinions are my own and these were all purchased with my own money). Come back soon for my next post on the Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments!

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June Update!

     Good evening lovelies!! I know I have not blogged or even really filmed at all this month so I just wanted to throw a little update of what is to come your way.

     First off, I filmed a mini haul on my Ipad the other day. I probably will just let the footage be raw when I upload it because the raw footage is pretty good to begin with and I don't have any good film editors on my Ipad and do not really want to upload to my computer. The footage is of good quality so I will let it speak for itself.

     Second, I also have a real blog post on the way for a new Maybelline product that is to be officially released in July!! I was fortunate enough to be able to get my hands on it early so I can't wait to be one of the first to review it!!! That will be available later this week as well. You definitely don't want to miss that!! :)

     I am also working on a few other videos and blog posts that will be coming in the upcoming weeks. That is it for tonight, I am now off to read the blogs that I personally follow!


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Craft Time with Glamourgirl220: Project Life

     Anyone that knows me knows that I love crafts and little DIY projects! Recently I have gotten back into scrapbooking. We all know that scrapbooking can be time consuming. However, I have found a new little project that can make it so much easier! I have been working on something called project life. It is pages of mini layouts instead of one big layout with only a picture or two. It is also a great way to associate those little mementos that we typically seem to collect in our everyday lives. Right now I am using baseball card sleeves to house my mini layouts. It is working out pretty well and they make these little pocketed protectors in many different sizes. 
     Project life focuses on more than just those special occasions too. It focuses on our everyday lives. It is easy to take pictures of those special moments in life. So lets start focusing on all of those moments in between. Life in general is something to celebrate and cherish. Here is just an example of what project life is all about! It is so simple yet looks just as awesome as a traditional more elaborate scrapbook page. 

For more info check out Becky Higgins site!!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Coral and mint, Spring and Summer's hottest Colors

Good evening everyone!! Okay, so tonight's topic of discussion is about the colors coral and mint. As I am sure many of you have noticed, both of these colors are very popular this spring and summer season and why shouldn't they be? We see them everywhere from nail polish to cute dresses to those bright colored shorts!! There is so much to love about these two colors. I just can't resist some mint green nails (wearing them now) and I have been absolutely obsessed with coral in my wardrobe. The best part is pairing these two gorgeous colors together. The soft pastel color of mint really compliments that bright pop of color that coral gives off.

Sinful colors: Hazard
Sally Hanson extreme wear: Mint Sorbet

 Mint and coral chevron maxi dress from :)

So what are you guys' favorite colors/color combos for spring and summer? Leave me a comment below!! :)

"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way" 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nyx Face Awards

Hey guys! Right now I am working on my latest video which is also my entry for the 2013 Nyx Face Awards! It is going to be an inspired look for either Carrie Underwood or Hayden Panetierre. This look would also be a really pretty prom look! I have the picture of both of these ladies that I am deciding between and they are gorgeous! The decision is actually kind of hard to make. However, I guess you guys will see which one I pick hopefully by this weekend! :) For now, I am off to bed because I have to work in the morning. Goodnight!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's up?!

Hello all!
     I have been so busy these last few weeks. I got back from a week long cruise and let me just tell you how much fun it was! My brother got married in Nassau, Bahamas and it was absolutely gorgeous! :) (I will post pics soon!) We spent a week on the Carnival Dream (and did NOT break down thank you very much :) ) We ported in St Thomas, USVI, Nassau, Bahamas and St Maarten, Netherlands. Sadly it rained when we went to St Maarten, so we really didn't get to see as much of the island as we wanted to. We only got a small glimpse of the Dutch side of the island. I really wanted to check out the French side though. I guess that is just an excuse to go on another trip though. :)

     I have also been very busy organizing my home (finally) and I really hope to complete it to a likeable state. I have been so busy purging unnecessary items and sending them either to my sister or goodwill. I posted a three part video series on my youtube channel where I cleaned out my makeup and accessory drawers. I have pared all that down to only 2 towers instead of that and the other two individual drawers I had. I am very happy with it. I am also working on using up my samples (especially the perfume samples). Tonight I worked on reorganizing my bathroom cabinet. I bought some stacking bins from the dollar store to make the most of the vertical space. So far, I am loving it! They really are useful. I was able to fit them 3 high and I only put 2 stacks of them. Although I could probably fit at least one more stack in there. Unfortunately I didn't film it so I won't be posting a video of that.

I have many more organizational projects I am working on as well as makeup/beauty videos. So stay tuned!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project Pan, birthdays and a cruise oh my!!

Ok so as most of you know, I did project pan towards the end of 2012. However I never really did my finale video to show everyone how I did. This video IS coming!! I promise. I have just had a lot going on with birthdays, anniversaries and me being sick for what seems like months. I was to the point of not being able to talk for almost a month.
So for this last little part of tonight's post I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas at the end of March for my brothers wedding. It's gonna be the best week ever! Lol. I don't know that was just a little random thing that I am really excited about in the upcoming months. We are going on the Carnival Dream. :) Anyway goodnight!!


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