Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Organizing with Glamourgirl220: Who said it has to be expensive?

     Okay, so all my friends know that I am an organizing QUEEN! I used to be really messy when I was younger, but as I have matured I have really gotten into the whole being organized thing. Of course, this isn't an easy task when you have a messy husband. I am still working on organizing all of our things together and getting rid of the clutter (and yes I have been working on it since we got married NINE months ago) but thats okay. It may just take moving into a nicer more spacious apartment to finally get that down. :) I think the problem right now is that I really am running out of areas to put things because there is NO storage space in our current apartment what-so-ever.

     So, I really only have one tip for today. That tip is that organizing does not have to be expensive!! You do NOT have to go to the Container Store, Walmart, Target, Etc and purchase materials to organize your home. It is just as easy to take containers you already have and put them to good use! These containers can range from shower caddys, mesh buckets, silverware drawer dividers, or even shoe boxes! I know that I have a few old shoeboxes floating around my house that are now the home to cards, craft supplies and many other things. I even made them pretty using scrapbook paper and paints that I already had! :) Even if you don't have an abundance of containers to use, you can still hit up the local dollar store and find containers that will work just as well as the more expensive variety for only $1 each. Like I said, organizing does not have to be expensive!

     That is all of the tips I have for today (partially because I am tired and partially because I need to get back to the homework ) :) Have a great week everyone!!


"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"

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