Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Just Found My New Favorite Nail Polish!!

     Okay guys so I have found a fabulous nail polish line that I tried out and absolutely adore!!

     It all started when my friend posted a picture on instagram of her gorgeous home manicure. She had painted her nails a really pretty coral-pink color and then a gold glitter polish on her ring finger. Needless to say they looked stunning! It was one of those girly pictures with her holding the bottle of polish. It was from a brand I had never heard of and assumed it was a higher end brand. It is called Sinful Colors. Later that day I went to Target to look around and pick up a few beauty items. I was scoping out the nail polish section when I saw a brand I had never heard of for only $1.99. I thought it looked familiar  and went to check out my friend's picture again. Low and behold it was the same brand!! I was so excited and picked out a pretty shade that I liked. They had so many colors to choose from. I only let myself get one since I have never tried this line before, but I will DEFINITELY be back for more!! You definitely can't beat the quality and for a STEAL at $1.99 it really can't be beat!

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