Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Just Found My New Favorite Nail Polish!!

     Okay guys so I have found a fabulous nail polish line that I tried out and absolutely adore!!

     It all started when my friend posted a picture on instagram of her gorgeous home manicure. She had painted her nails a really pretty coral-pink color and then a gold glitter polish on her ring finger. Needless to say they looked stunning! It was one of those girly pictures with her holding the bottle of polish. It was from a brand I had never heard of and assumed it was a higher end brand. It is called Sinful Colors. Later that day I went to Target to look around and pick up a few beauty items. I was scoping out the nail polish section when I saw a brand I had never heard of for only $1.99. I thought it looked familiar  and went to check out my friend's picture again. Low and behold it was the same brand!! I was so excited and picked out a pretty shade that I liked. They had so many colors to choose from. I only let myself get one since I have never tried this line before, but I will DEFINITELY be back for more!! You definitely can't beat the quality and for a STEAL at $1.99 it really can't be beat!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Okay guys, so as most of you know I have been showing and talking a lot about the revlon lip butters. Here is my official review of this product to let you know all of the details and how I feel about these lipsticks.

What is it? Revlon Lip Butters
Where can I purchase it? Walmart, Target, and most drug stores
Is there a good color selection? Yes, there are approximately 20 different colors available! There is everything from peaches to pinks to reds in this line. :)

My absolute favorite thing about these lipsticks (aside from the awesome colors) are the texture. They are creamy like a lip balm/chapstick yet are pigmented like your everyday lipstick! They keep your lips hydrated while providing beautiful, vibrant color for your lips. From my personal experience, they stay on really well too! I own 2 of these lip butters (peach parfait and strawberry shortcake). They have been my go to lipsticks this summer to keep my lips hydrated from the summer air while still giving me my colorful pout.

The colors are very true to how they look in the packaging. This means no nasty surprises of a hot pink lip when you put on your strawberry shortcake lip butter. Another bonus for these is the price. In my neck of the woods they are only $6.49. This is average for a drugstore lipstick. However, I feel like they have the quality of the higher end brands so it is definitely worth it.

If you haven't checked out Revlon Lip Butters for yourself, I strongly suggest picking one up next time you are at your favorite drug store. :) You won't be disappointed!!

"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"

Monday, July 9, 2012

What is to come...

I have so many things on the table right now. I have 3-4 videos planned that just need to be filmed. I am working on a hair tutorial to do. I have a few blogposts coming up as well.

Mirrorless makeup challenge
Project pan
Makeup collection
Hair tutorial

Revlon lip butters review
Ted movie review
Sizzlin recipes
Physicians formula smokey eye palette

I also am working on a giveaway. However, that will not officially go into action until I reach 200+ subscribers. Hopefully I will reach this goal by September so then we can do an awesome giveaway!! I have been working in it more and I am so excited about it!! I hope you guys will be too when the time comes. :) well that is all for now!!

"A Little Glamour Goes A Long Way"