Friday, February 24, 2012

New Video!

Hey guys! I just filmed and edited a What's in my Makeup Bag video! Its being published to my computer as we speak. It only has a few minutes left and then I will be uploading it to youtube! I have been really busy lately. I also filmed and edited 2 more videos the past few days. They consist of an Ulta Haul and My February Favorites. Those are already on youtube, so feel free to check them out! I also decided to make my other videos from my travel series last year public again. I decided there was no sense in hiding them.

Future Videos:
What's in my purse
What's in my Travel Makeup Bag
7 Deadly Sins Tag
Makeup Tutorial?

If you have any other requests just leave them in the comments on here or on my youtube channel! thanks! :)

My Channel :)

What's in my Makeup Bag?

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