Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Starting New :)

     Even though it has been a crazy day, I have finally cleared up my youtube channel. I set all of my old videos to private so that they are still there for me, but I am going to start posting new videos soon! I have been blogging up a storm the past few days thanks to the blogger app on my iphone! I cleared up an old blog of mine that I was not planning on using anymore and put those posts on my other blog so I now have 3 blogs that I manage instead of 4.
     They are opening up a new Olive Garden in my town, I will be applying to work there tomorrow morning. I also ordered some stuff for the wedding. I still have so much to do with only 18 days left. It will be beautiful though. I pretty much finished Christmas decorating today, I only need to find an extension cord for the outside lights and pack the unused stuff back up and I will be fine and dandy!

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