Sunday, December 18, 2011

So much to do....

Okay, so I have so much to do, tomorrow is going to be crazy busy! I finally cleared up my youtube channel like I mentioned before. I also finally put in 2 different applications for Olive Garden, I applied to be a hostess and a server/waitress. I also cleared out my coupon box, which I have neglected to do for a few weeks now, luckily it wasn't too much of a mess. Anyway, on to my to do list for Sunday December 18!

  • Film a YouTube video-Holly Jolly tag?
  • Start packing books into the boxes, clear out some old books
  • Finish printing the remainder of the 52 organizing missions that I want to keep on hand
  • Start making my house maintenance binder (Brian and I found an apartment!)
  • Start on some of the organizing missions
  • Brian's Work Christmas Party
  • Clear out my closet
  • Clean off dining room table of my wedding stuff
  • Design my flowergirl baskets :)
  • Design the card box for the wedding
As you can tell, that is a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow! I also need to start planning for after christmas shopping since my mother and I will be buying christmas lights and decor to use at the wedding. By the way, I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 2 WEEKS!! :) It makes me smile lol. Anyway, I need to get some sleep now,  goodnight all!

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