Friday, June 17, 2011

New Videos!

Hey everyone! So, I just filmed 2 new videos for you all and am in the process of editing them now. I know it has taken me a while but I am posting episode 2 of my travel series as well as working on episode 3. Episode three is really going to be mainly pictures and captions of things while I was there. Anyway, the 2 other videos I am working on are a haul video of makeup/nail stuff I have acquired over the past 2 weeks at Walmart and Target. I have a lot of really great products to show you that were really affordable. The last video is a "how to clean your brushes" video. I cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes to clean off old makeup and bacteria. Anyway, as you can tell I am slam packed with videos right now! I will be getting those up VERY soon and I hope everyone chekcs them out! bye!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Travel Series Video One

Hey guys! I just wanted everyone to know that I finally decided to edit the footage for the first episode in my travel series on youtube! Of course I ended up breaking this down a lot more than I had originally planned. Episode one is titled 3-1-1 Baggy. Yes As boring as that may sound, it is very important when flying especially with only carry-on luggage. I hope you watch and subscribe! It would mean the world to me and say tuned for more videos and updates! They will be coming soon!